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Inspiring play and sport areas in China

Our cultural strategic partner & distributor Pureland has collected us the most amazing and inspiring play and sport areas in China. All the parks and areas are results of Pureland projects in China. Pureland and its cooperation partners wanted to build new venues for exercise and recreation. These playgrounds and sports parks contain a multiple ways to play and exercise, both interactive and traditional play and sport.

Yongning People´s Park

In this park children can climb in Wall-Holla, which is an exciting play centre with several floors. If you watch carefully, you can see that there is also an interactive play equipment Sona on the playground.

Yilong New District Sports and Leisure Featured Town

In this play and sport park, you can enjoy the colorfulness and ball games! Ball games offer opportunities for social physical activity at its best. Children can also play with the interactive football wall, Sutu,  

Chongqing Luneng Taishan No. 7 Yard Community Sports Park

This park is a full of activies! A multiple ways invite children to play. Climbing, balancing, rolling, anything! 

Chongqing Lunen Elite City Municipal Sports Park


Chengdu Yongli Star City Business District


Dalian Luneng Yosemite Sports Greenway

Playing and exercising in this area is like an adventure! This park contains fitness equipment and  interactive Sona. The Sona is fun for all ages and also suitable for inclusive play.

Jinang Luneng Elite City Pureland Interactive Sports Park

A play ship invites sailors, pirates and other characters to theme play! As themed play invite children to play different roles, they can practice experiencing and expressing feelings. Role and theme play, by involving several participants, also trains their communication and social skills. After the sailing, children can collect scores by playing with Sutu football wall. 

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