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Reduced muscular strength and balance expose people to the risk of falling. As we get older, the importance of maintaining our muscular strength becomes emphasized. Large muscles support the posture, contribute to metabolism and, most importantly, prevent falling and protect from injury, when a person falls down. When these muscles are in good condition, they react quicker when a person falls down, thus softening the impact on the bones. And if a person happens to fall down, it is good to have some reserve in the muscle mass that one loses in bed rest to ensure successful rehabilitation.

For the model area, we have selected some equipment that helps build up muscular strength. In addition to muscular strength, it is also important to maintain a good sense of balance. Just like muscle mass, the sense of balance can also be regarded as a reserve that you maintain by using it, and if unused, this reserve will dwindle. For the model area, we have selected equipment suited for the sense of balance that can be used by people who have lost some of their functional ability, and they can also be used for very challenging balancing exercises for any of us. For example, combining an exercise requiring hand/eye coordination with walking on a balance beam increases the challenge of the exercise.


120031M Circular track

081011 Leg press

081006 Back

081005 Chest

081402M Snake Bar

081406M Balance Beam

081400M Wave bar

081405M Snake Beam

081475M Sign

Surface 127 m2

Area number L05377