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As we become older, our mobility declines. This is due to factors such as an increase of connective tissue in joints, and the reduced elasticity of tendons and muscles. The reduced range of motion affects our everyday activities, such as getting dressed, washing ourselves and hanging the laundry to dry. The range of motion is also connected to how the muscles produce strength. The range of motion can be maintained and improved, and muscle and joint ache prevented and reduced by means of regular mobility exercises.

The equipment selected for the model area reminds the users of the various directions of movement of the upper limbs and encourages them to exercise in versatile ways. The more positions we take when stretching a specific muscle, the more our mobility increases. Dynamic mobility exercises also strengthen the muscles around the joints that provide support for the joints. We should practise our mobility on a regular basis. As regards physical abilities, mobility exercises are particularly rewarding, since the results manifest themselves relatively quickly.

081008 Core twister

081003 Pull-up 

081425M Finger Stairs

081420M Shoulder Arches

081400M Wave Bar

081450M Serpentine path

081455M Hand Roll

081475M Sign

Surface 112 m2

Area number L05378