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Lappset Premium - Memorable playground experiences

Tell a story at your destination in a fun and unique way

We customize the design, activities and capacity according to your needs.

  • Add personality to a public space and stand out with a playful and safe landmark.
  • Attract and entertain visitors by providing a  lively meeting place for all generations.
  • Create an innovative and memorable venue for art, adventure and discovery!
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Explore the playgrounds with VR

See the playground from a child's perspective.

  • Explore Premium playgrounds in virtual reality!
  • Feel the joy of children playing in unique Dino, Olives, Nautilus, Spider, Fish and Submarine Tower playgrounds.
  • If you use computer without 3D glasses, navigate by clicking the blue circles. Otherwise just looking at the circles will transfer you around the park.


Explore the playgrounds in virtual reality!
Be inspired by unique Lappset Premium playgrounds
Ode to climbing
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