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Lappset Challenge invites to move and play

Take up the challenge and complete Lappset's 50 playful and fun tasks to participate in Lappset's 50th anniversary celebration.


Lappset Group has been manufacturing playground and sports equipment for 50 years.

Time flies when you have fun!

For 50 years we have inspired millions of people to play, exercise and have fun all over the world.

It was in 1970, when Antero Ikäheimo noticed that the playgrounds were poorly equipped and set up a family-run company manufacturing wooden playground equipment. Today, Lappset is one of the world's leading manufactures of play and exercise equipment, and we are extremely proud of our commitment to the well-being of people of all ages.



Join us to celebrate our 50th anniversary!

When was the last time you came down a slide or had a picnic with your friends? Have you ever made an exercise in an outdoor gym or fitness area? Or when was the last time you just went for a walk in a park, sat down for a while and relaxed?

We hope that you too will take part in celebrating our 50th anniversary. The playful Lappset Challenge includes 50 fun activities related to play, exercise and outdoor life and the tasks are suitable for all ages  from kids to seniors. Lappset Challenge is not a competition, but it's purpose is to  inspire people to spend time outside  and together. The tasks are simple and the style is free!

Ready to add more fun to your year? Simply follow the Lappset challenge list, take a photo or video and share it with us using hashtags
#lappsetchallenge #lappset50 #lappsethaaste

We publish the content you share with us in our social media channels and on this website. 

Rules of the campaign

Please note that some of the tasks might conflict with the current curfew restrictions in your country. Please complete those tasks later when it is possible. 

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08.12.2020 11:40
Предлагаем вам совершить небольшой увлекательный виртуальный тур по заводу финской компании Lappset - лидера🏆 в области производства оборудования для детских площадок. Один клик и вы оказываетесь в уютном финском городке Рованиеми, где вот уже 50 лет рождается уличное игровое оборудование различных серий, спортивные площадки, а также парковая и уличная мебель. ✨Посмотрите сами – оторваться невозможно! #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #детскиеплощадки #игроваяплощадка #игровыекомплексы #игровоеоборудование #оборудование #благоустройство
Lappset Group
04.12.2020 09:21
50 vuotta suomalaista työtä. Lappset on suomalainen perheomisteinen yritys, jonka pääkonttori sijaitsee Rovaniemellä. Rovaniemen tehtaalla valmistamme leikki- ja liikuntapaikkavälineitä sekä puisto- ja kadunkalusteita pohjoisen männystä kaikkien yhteiseksi iloksi.🍀 Tänään 4.12. vietetään jo kuudetta kertaa Osta työtä Suomeen -päivää. @avainlippu #ostatyötäsuomeen #avainlippu #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #lappsetgroup
Lappset Group
02.12.2020 13:53
Every community needs a place where friends and families can get together. Combine products to create an inviting and user-friendly space where everyone can socialize, have a good time, and be active regardless of age or ability. Outdoor exercise areas like this invite every generation to move and spend time together by serving enough space and versatility for playing and exercising while getting the benefits of fresh air. 🤸☀️🍀 #lappset #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #lappsetseniorsport #outdoorsports #inclusivedesign #outdoorspaces #playgroundequipment #lappsetfitness
Lappset Group
26.11.2020 14:10
The growing number of our ageing population deserve fun and functional outdoor spaces! 👵👴 Senior Sport products have been designed to promote the healthy lifestyle of the elderly. Lappset senior benches with age-friendly dimensions and armrests offer a place to sit down while being outdoors, and a garden swing Oasis with a ramp and a break is suitable for safe swinging. #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #lappsetseniorsport #inclusivedesign #outdoorspaces #landscapedesign
20.11.2020 14:59
Αναδρομή στην περσυνη ΧΕΝΙΑ στο Metropolitan Expo 2019, όπου η Lappset Greece παρουσίασε τον ευφάνταστο εξοπλισμό της για διασκεδαστικές και ασφαλείς παιδικές χαρές, άθληση και αστικό εξοπλισμό! Οι μικροί μας φίλοι συμμετείχαν στο παιχνίδι ανεβαίνοντας στο θεματικό καράβι! Throwback to last year's successful ΧΕΝΙΑ at Metropolitan Expo 2019, where Lappset Greece showcased our imaginative playground, sports and park equipment. Some young friends joined the game! #lappset #lappset50 #lappsetgreece #fun #play #expo2019
Lappset Group
18.11.2020 15:37
An adventure in the backyard awaits! 🌟🌙 The best way to learn about the starry skies and the laws of physics is by playful experimentation in the Play Planetarium. Comfortable seating, for example, modern Chillout seats, and conveniently placed litter bins complete the picture. #lappset50 #50yearsofplay
Lappset Group
30.10.2020 08:55
🌎💭📣 Webinar: How global trends affect the needs we set to our local communities and how to design outdoor areas to support this change? This webinar presents a vision of what the market for play, experience and exercise will look like across Western Europe and North America in 2030. We will explore the challenges posed by obesity, urbanisation and increasingly digital lifestyles and the early signal solutions we’re seeing by way of a response. Wed, Nov 11th, 2020 4:00-5:00 PM EEST Read more and register now, link in bio!🔝 #webinar #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #megatrends #landscapedesign
29.09.2020 11:08
Fortsatt fantastiska priser på Lappsets höst- och vinterkampanj! Halva priset på utvalda favoriter. Nyckelpigans rutsch - en garanterad favorit för de mindre barnen 👶🌸. Länk till kampanjen i bio 👉 #kampanj #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #lekplatsträning #lekplats
Lappset Group
20.08.2020 12:19
Do you remember the playgrounds of your childhood and have you noticed how much they have changed?🙃 Technology is changing our lives dramatically and play areas are just starting to take advantage of the new possibilities. Read a blog about future playgrounds from our website. Link in bio! 😊🍀 #tb #throwbackthursday #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #futureplaygrounds #worldofplayandsports #anniversary
Lappset Group
14.08.2020 11:44
Happy 10th birthday Cloxx Parkour! 🎂🎈 We launched our first parkour collection in 2010, developed together with parkour professionals. The series has proven to be very popular both in school yards and in public parks. Get tips for medium level Circuit Training 😊 Video made in collaboration with@parkourakatemia. #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #cloxxparkour
Lappset Group
06.08.2020 12:38
Blast from the past! 😍 This sketch is from 1970's, showing an example playground of that time. 🦋 Materials and technologies have developed since, but our mission is still to create appealing outdoor environments for all ages! 🍀 #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #tbt
Lappset Group
09.07.2020 10:47
”We think playing and exercising is a serious game”, was the title in a 1977 brochure by Lappset, which at that time was still known as Oy Pohjoiskalotti- Nordkalotten Ab. The cover image introduced equipment that laid the foundation for our product range today. In the middle of the collage is a picture that sums up one of our most important goals: sincere enthusiasm and joy! Did you know that on our website you will find a wide range of brochures for inspiration. Browse brochures online here: #tbt #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #lappset
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